Parents, Friends and Alumni

Alumni Meet

The Alumni Meet date has yet to be set for this year, but we will email the alumni lists when it is scheduled! We want as many alumni as possible to come, so mark your calendars! There is no need to compete (although we’d love it if you do, even if it’s super basic), just coming to meet the current team and pass along some old school wisdom and stories is encouraged.
Every year we host an alumni meet, to which all alumni (both men’s and women’s) are invited to watch the current teams face off against other teams in the area. Some brave alumni even decide to dust off their old routines to show the youngsters how it’s done. We then go out to dinner to hear tales of back in the day and gain wisdom from our elders. We’d love to meet any and all alumni, even if you’re just in the area, so please stop by the gym to say hello!



As a club team, we are largely dependent on financial support from outside of MIT. If you would like to make a donation to support the operation of the men’s or women’s club teams, please visit and use the following fund numbers to make your gift. Alternatively, click on the number for a direct link to the giving page.
Men’s Gymnastics Club (2721328)
Women’s Gymnastics Club (2721326)
Once you have submitted your donation, please fill out your information here so that we can appropriately thank you and add you to our database!
The club funds are used for equipment purchases, travel expenses, and paying coaching staff. If you have any questions about how club funds will be used or need help with the giving process, please contact